The research field with the total area of 167 hectares was created at the University in 1996. The first permanent establishment operating for 27 years was founded under the scientific management of Professor Shchetynina L.L. and Assistant Professor Khanin M.D. The institution studied the problems of the most reasonable combinations of different systems of soil tillage, application of fertilizers, microelements, herbicides and other technological methods during the crop rotation, which provide the recreation of soil fertility, steady high yields of agricultural crops in conditions of Ukrainian Polissya. A nine field crop rotation was put into action on the experimental field in 1980. On its basis the efficiency of minimization of basic tillage of soddy podzolic soils in conditions of Ukrainian Central Polissya has been examined.

In 1990 an eight field biological crop rotation was laid on the research field. The aim of crop rotation is to develop the farming system with the minimum use of mineral fertilizers and chemicals. Such system provides the improvement of soil fertility, high yields of ecologically safe products and the environment protection in conditions of Ukrainian Polissya.

During the years 2002-2006 there were made a number of investigations into the potato selection based on the resistance to the harmful organisms.  Various technologies aimed at the defining growth stimulants were developed. The potato diseases and the selection of species resistant to these diseases   were studied in 2007-2011.  These investigations became the basis of the innovative resources efficient and ecologically safe technology of potato cultivation in Ukrainian Polissya zone.

Being based on the materials of research conducted at the research field of the University, more than 80 candidate and 6 doctoral theses have been presented since 1966.

About 200 students of the Faculties of Agronomy and Ecology do their educational training on the research field annually, and about 30 students prepare their qualification projects.

The activities as to the developing the technologies of organic agricultural produce started on the research field in 2015.