Yarosh Yaroslav Dmytrovych

Yarosh Yaroslav Dmytrovych

Dean of Engineering and Technical Department

Doctor of Science

Assistant professor

Date and place of birth

June 5, 1975, c. Zhytomyr/p>


In 1998 graduated from Ternopil Technical University of I.Pulyuya on speciality “Food-Processing Enterprises Equipment”.

     In 2004 defended a dissertation thesis on theme ”Upgrading Efficiency of Dust Catching Multicyclone Device  Applying Elements with Jalousie Frames” in National University “Lviv Polytechnic” (code 05.17.08) and received the scientific degree of Doctor of Science. On the first of September in 2006 was appointed for the position of assistant professor of the academic chair of “Mechanization of Agriculture and Cattle Breeding” at Zhytomyr National Agroecological University.  From  September 2016 performed duties of the department’s Dean, in February 2017 have been elected as a Dean of the department.

             The sphere of scientific interests:  bioenergetics systems of agricultural production;  technological means of forming ecologically safe projects in agri-food branch.