Agronomy (Plant Growing, Expert Estimation of Soils, Organic Plant Production and Processing, Selection and Seed Growing, Farming Agriculture)

Plant Protection and Quarantine (Plant Protection in Organic Production, Integrated Protection and Plant Quarantine, Phytosanitary Monitoring and Prognosis)

Geodesy and Land Management (Geodesy and Land Management)

 Agricultural Engineering (Plant Engineering, Livestock Breeding Engineering, Processing Engineering, Technical Service Engineering)

Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics (Systems of Electrical Power Supply and Energy Conservation, Automation Electromechanical Systems and Electric Drive, Renewable Electrical Power Engineering, Systems of Management in Production and Distribution of Electrical Power, Energetic Management)

Ecology (Ecology and Environmental Protection, Environmental Safety, Applied Ecology and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources)

Law (Natural Resources Law and Environmental Law, Administrative Law and Procedure, Law)

Forestry (Forestry, Landscape Gardening, Hunting)

Livestock Production and Processing Technologies of Animal Products (Livestock Production and Processing Technologies of Animal Products, Cynology, Livestock Breeding, Apiculture)

Veterinary Medicine (Diseases of Small Animals, Diseases of Productive Animals, Laboratory Diagnostics of Animal Diseases)

Management (Organization Management and Administration, Management of Foreign Economic Activity, Innovative Activities Management)

Public Management and Administration (Public Management, Administrative Management, Business Administration)

Marketing (Marketing Communications Management, Logistics, Environmental Marketing)

Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities (Entrepreneurship and Business, Trade Activities, Exchange Activities)

Economics (Economy of Enterprises, Agricultural Economy and Constant Rural Development, Intellectual Economics)

Accounting and Taxation (Accounting, Audit and Control in Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Audit and Control in Public Administration, Taxation, Tax Accounting, Audit and Control)

Finance, Banking and Insurance (Finance and Credit, Finance and Banking, Finance and Insurance)