Zhytomyr National Agroecological University is the only agrarian higher educational institution of ecological bias in Ukraine and the only University with National status in Zhytomyr oblast. The University is the basic institution providing the majority of national economy branches in Ukrainian Polissya with specialists (Zhytomyr, Rivne and Volyn oblasts).

About 7 thousand students are studying at the University.

Today, it is a big complex with developed infrastructure:

  • 8 faculties (Agronomy, Technology of Animal Produce Production and Processing, Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Engineering and Energetics, Ecology and Law, Forestry, Accounting and Finance, Economics and Management);
  • 42 departments and their 85 branches on production and in scientific-research institutions;
  • 5 scientific innovative institutes ( Institute of Economics and Agribusiness; Institute of Agricultural Technologies and Land Tenure; Institute of Husbandry and Veterinary; Institute of Ecology and Forest; Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Energy Efficiency);
  • Centres of Organic Production and Renewable Energetics;
  • Institute of Post-diploma Education and Advisory Support;
  • Research field;
  • Botanical garden;
  • Cattle farm and cynology laboratory, hippotherapy centre and veterinary clinic;
  • Scientific library;
  • Editor-publishing centre;
  • Developed net of public nourishment;
  • Sports base.

There are two colleges in the University structure: Building college and Land Tenure college.

Within the frames of international partnership the University collaborates with Japan, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Italy, the USA, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Lithuania, Russia and other countries. An important direction in international activity is to provide the students with opportunity of studying advanced agricultural technologies and of organizing private businesses during their practical work on farms in Great Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, the USA.

The conception of national and spiritual revival is implemented in the process of specialists’ training at the University. 24 groups of amateur art activities, among them brass band, amateur theatre, students choreographic group work at the University.

University students are members of combined national teams in different sports. About 50 students become prize winners at international and state competitions annually.

The University Complex possesses a supportive material and technical foundation: 10 academic buildings with total area of 79 thousand m2, 8 hostels with total area of 25 thousand m2.

Sports complex (two sport halls with total area of 522 m2 and 426 m2, halls of training devices, table tennis, wrestling, boxing, shaping, an open sport site with artificial covering for mini football), 4 canteens, 5 refreshment rooms and 2 cafes have been created.

The literature necessary for students is supplied by the university scientific library, including 8 reading rooms for 470 places. The total library fund comprises about 467 thousand of books and 94 denominations of periodical editions. The library of ZhNAEU uses in its work an information computer system “UFD Library”, including electronic catalogue and computer library programme “Irbis”. 5,5 th. electronic logbooks with an access of authorizing on the library site have been created.