The university development strategy in the scientific sphere is designed to provide the research conducting as well as high efficiency of the research projects according to the international criteria of the research work efficiency. Herewith the main efforts are focused on:

  1. To provide the transdisciplinary character of the research.
  2. To provide printed media publications in the basic scientific editions including international abstract journals.
  3. To provide close partnership with domestic as well with foreign research-consultants.
  4. To introduce additional motivations for the scientifically productive educators.
  5. To create the university organizational unions with the research institutions as well as with the Ukraine's production structures in order to intensify the scientific activity, the students' theoretical and practical training as well as to promote training of "Master'' EQL in a research prospect (like techno- and scientific parks, complexes, clusters, excellent-centres, competence centres business-incubators etc.)
  6. A full-scale university participation in the development as well as in the realization of the state targeted branch and regional, social and economic projects and programs; making an expert and analytical assessment of the scientific developments for the regulating bodies of all levels and for the subjects of the economic management; forming the portfolio of the contractual orders for the research.
  7. To organize a net of the research laboratories: of the alternative power industry; of the micro resonance technologies; of water purification; of radioecology and radiobiology; of the assessment of the farm produce quality.
  8. To create the Centre of the Intellectual Property and Technologies Transfer to provide:
    • the system work in the university's participation in the contests, scientific projects, grants; the internet space monitoring, the projects selection, the formation of flexible creative teams (so-called ''agile''-management) among the university staff, who specialise in different spheres and alongside with it to engage the experts of the foreign languages department (external experts);
    • the development and the realization of the technologies on engaging the orders from the local authorities, agrarian holdings, medium and small businesses;
    • making a directory on the completed research developments of the university which are ready for being introduced into the production, making advertising prospectuses of the objects of the intellectual property owners belonging to the university and the dynamic promotion of these developments in the market.

The infrastructure of the university's scientific and innovative activity

  1. The scientific research and innovative development service.
  2. Scientific and innovative establishments:
    • the Institute of Economics and Agrobusiness;
    • the Institute of Agrotechnologies and Landsurvey;
    • the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary;
    • the Institute of Ecology and Forest;
    • the Institute of Agrobusiness Mechanization and Efficiency;
  1. The Organic Production Centre;
  2. The Renewable Energy Centre;
  3. The Research Field;
  4. The Botanic Garden;
  5. The Research and Training Clinic of Veterinary Medicine;
  6. The Scientific library.