Priority Directions of the International Cooperation:


The International Activity of the University is directed on solving the following tasks:

  • Studying and introducing the international experience for self and individual support of student’s work;
  • Mastering the best world and European models of innovative, educational and scientific research;
  • Forming the effective mechanism of the scientific cooperation with the University institutes and subdivisions and international partners, active encouraging the employees from the international scientific centers and foreigners to the studying process;
  • Entering to the international scientific open space for involving the young scientists and explorers from abroad;
  • Spreading the international and scientific representation of the University by doing the information and advertisement activity;
  • Active involving of the students and the post graduates to various international scientific work;
  • Activization of scientific and pedagogical staff in the international research publications searching new forms of financing the scientific works using grants, projects and investment programmes;
  • Participation of scientific and pedagogical University staff in the international projects and exchange programmes of the lecturers and scientists, trade-improvement courses and the scientific and pedagogical staff probation;
  • Involving highly-qualified scientific and pedagogical specialists from higher-institutions and organizations for providing lectures, seminars in foreign languages;
  • Coming into contacts with scientific and pedagogical teams, foreign higher institutions and stimulation to the exchange of experience.


International Partners Communications of ZhNAEU in the Sphere of Science and Education

  • Beloruss
    • Beloruss State Agrarian and Technical University
    • Vitebsk State Medical University
    • The Republican Unitary Enterprise “The Scientific and Practical Food Center of the National Academy of Science in Beloruss”
  • Bulgaria
    • Timber University
    • Varna Technical University
    • The College of Genetics in Sofia
  • Denmark
    • The Association of Farmers AB-Farms
  • Georgia
    • The College of Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Georgian Agrarian University
  • Israel
    • The University in Tel-Aviv
  • Canada
    • The Agricultural College in Canada
  • Latvia
    • The College of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Latvian University
    • Riga Technical University
  • Lithuania
    • Klaipeda University
    • Aleksandras Stulginkis University
  • Germany
    • Leibniz College of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO)
    • The College of Organic Agriculture of Bona University
    • The College of Biotechnologies “Darosteam”
    • Special High Schools of Weihenstephan and Osnabruck
    • Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
    • University of Hohenheim
    • Center of Radioactive Protection and Radioecology of University of Hanover
  • Norway
    • Norwegian University of Nature Sciences
  • Poland
    • Warsaw University of Nature Sciences
    • Higher School of Agribusiness in Lomza
    • Vistula Academy of Finance and Business in Warsaw
  • The USA
    • The University of Nebraska, Lincoln
    • The Northern-Central Technical College
    • Missouri State University 
  • Hungary
    • Szent István University (Gödöllő)
  • Uzbekistan
    • Tashkent State Agrarian University
    • The Uzbek Scientific Research Agricultural Institute
  • France
    • Institute Jean Lamour by Nancy University
    • The Agricultural Institute Genie 
    • The Association of Farmers Ki-France
  • Switzerland
    • Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
  • Sweden
    • Swedish University of Agrarian Sciences (Uppsala)
  • Japan
    • Dokkyo Medical University


Experience of realization of international cooperation programs:

  • O.V. Skydan (German-Ukrainian Agropolitical Dialogue, Germany);
  • O.D. Kovalchuk (Fulbright Scholar Program, USA; Faculty Exchange Program, USA);
  • P.O. Savchenko (Faculty Exchange Program, USA);
  • P.G. Poplavskyy (Faculty Exchange Program, USA; SUAFRI-EPC, Aarhus, Denmark);
  • Yu.Yu. Moroz (Innovative University and Leadership, Poland);
  • V.F. Skukalovych (Faculty Exchange Program, USA; Development of Organic Market in Ukraine (FiBL, Switzerland));
  • O.V. Chaikin (Faculty Exchange Program, USA);
  • M.O. Orlykovskyi (Lane Kirkland Scholarships Program, Poland);
  • D.I. Dema (Fulbright Scholar Program, USA);
  • V.V. Zinovchuk (Fulbright Scholar Program, USA);
  • V.O. Zinchenko (Influence of Plant Growth Regulators, Institute Darostim, Germany).


Contract Information: 

The Head of the Programs in International Cooperation:

Pavlo Poplavskyi
Tel.: +38 093 18788 44

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.